Past: Behavioural strategies for building resilience and wellbeing


A conversation with Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb, our guest speaker, on mental and behavioural strategies for better resilience and wellbeing. Vishal will host this as a discussion with Juliette to unpack the behavioural side of wellbeing and members of the Auckland & Wellington Behavioural Economics Network will participate in the discussion with questions and comments in the live chat.

Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb is a Behavioural Scientist and one of 60 Australian women nominated as a 'Superstar in STEM'. Juliette uses psychological and neuroscientific insights to help organisations design better for human decision making and behaviour. Juliette has a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Cambridge. She was a Senior Manager in Behavioural Science for Commonwealth Bank, the Behaviour Change Lead for Ogilvy Australia and a Research Fellow for the Behavioural Insights Team. She currently teaches an evidenced-based MBA Leadership course that covers topics such as empowerment, motivation, resilience, wellbeing and equality through organisational design.

Vishal George is the Chief Behavioural Scientist at Behavioural by Design, building toolkits to make behavioural science more accessible for teams across New Zealand.

This session will be a webinar-style discussion hosted on Google Meet for both the Wellington & Auckland Behavioural Economics Network and may be recorded for a wider audience.

Past Event.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM New Zealand Time

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