Our Masterclass will get you equipped with behaviour change tools for your policy and experience design challenges.


Understand how the brain works & learn practical models of behaviour change


Adopt methods from behavioural science to your toolkit for solving challenges


Become the Behavioural by Design Ninja™ for leading strategic change

Behavioural by Design Masterclass.

From policy makers in the UK Cabinet Office to experience designers in Silicon Valley, the fields of behavioural science and human-centred design have rapidly emerged as the most sought skills for developing innovative solutions.
The concept of ‘nudge’, as popularised by nobel laureate and behavioural economist Richard Thaler, showed how small psychological changes can make a big impact on decision making. This masterclass dives into decades of research and case-studies in the field of applied behavioural science. We embed these learnings into the design thinking process to make these tools more accessible for you.

You will walk out with the knowledge, insights and toolkits to create behaviour change solutions in your organisation.

Requirements. This course is open for anyone with a curiosity in human behaviours. No prior knowledge in the field of psychology or behavioural economics required.

→ Senior leaders and entrepreneurs
→ Service design teams
→ Policy advisors & analysts
→ Product owners & managers
→ Marketing & communication teams
→ User experience teams
→ Research & insight teams
→ Business intelligence teams

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Plan for the day
1 day Masterclass

9:00 am to 9:15 am

Arrival, introductions and coffee

9:15 am to 11:00 am

Foundation of Behavioural Science.

How the brain works, understanding our mental shortcuts and biases, case-studies applying behavioural science

Morning Break

11:15 am to 12:30 pm

Introduction to Human Centred Design.

Mindset of design thinking with a behavioural science approach to researching, co-designing and testing


1:00 pm to 2:15 pm

Learn Behavioural by Design Tools.

Easy-to-adapt tools that will enable you to apply behavioural insights and design thinking

Afternoon Break

2:30pm to 4:30pm

Apply Tools in a Behaviour Change Challenge.

Practice applying your new toolkit to solve a real world challenge on the day

We believe that a masterclass is only as good as outcomes that follow. To help you adopt Behavioural by Design tools for solving challenges in your organisation, we provide a complimentary one-to-one follow up with our facilitators


Vishal, Chief Behavioural Scientist

Vishal is on a crusade to make behavioural science more accessible. He's the former Head of Behavioural Science at Ogilvy NZ and has applied behavioural insights into the heart of strategy for NZ Police, Corrections, ACC, EECA, Rebel Sport, Westminster Council (UK), Adobe (India) and Starbucks (USA). His thought leadership work includes motivating landlords to insulate their homes and 'nudges' to improve the patient experience with three hospitals across New Zealand.

Tania, Design Thinking Strategist

Tania is all about creating and designing human-centred solutions. With a background in digital, content, UX and research. She’s worked across both government and the private sector finding smarter and easier ways to use research and insights to create user-led ideas. In 2017, she was a speaker at UX New Zealand talking about the huge shifts she’d made at ACC in their approach to creating content “Human-centred from the Inside Out: Designing Content That Works for Everybody”.

Fees. NZD 820 + GST

→ Maximum 3 registrations per team*
→ Tools include models, strategy cards and insights book
→ Complimentary one-to-one follow up session
→ Certified Behavioural by Design Ninja™
→ Includes lunch, tea, coffee,  and treats

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If you wish to pay without a card, you can request us for an invoice payment and book your place by sending us an email on masterclass@behaviouralbydesign.com

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*For teams interested in a group session, we host a Behavioural by Design Sprint relevant for the behavioural challenges in your organisation. You can instant schedule a calendar meeting with our facilitators.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are rescheduling the Masterclass in Wellington around August 2020 with the final date to be confirmed. The Masterclass in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney will be rescheduled in the future.


August 2020
(To be confirmed)

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