Get your behaviour change tools for designing evidence based policy and experiences with customers, citizens and communities

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Nudge Testbed

2 - 4 weeks

Rapidly test behaviour change messages with your target audiences for smarter evidence based decisions

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Behavioural by Design Masterclass

1 day course

Get equipped with behaviour change tools for your policy and customer experience challenges

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20 August 2020

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September 2020
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A space dedicated for you to explore behavioural insights on COVID-19, habits formation and wellbeing

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Case Studies

Nudges to improve patient experience

Patient experience surveys reveal that patients don't always understand their medication side-effects. Find out how our Chief Behavioural Scientist applied behaviour change tools to improve the patient experience in hospitals across New Zealand.

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Who we are
Our Practitioners


Chief Behavioural Scientist


Lead Wellbeing Designer


Design Thinking Strategist


Behavioural Data Scientist


Behavioural Design Advisor


Academic Advisor,

Our three gifted superpowers.

#1. Behavioural Science

#2. Human Centred Design

#3. Systems Thinking

Our Capabilities

A. Behavioural Insights.

We use behavioural science frameworks to gain insights into the psychological drivers and barriers of your audience

B. Behavioural by Design Sprint.

We make behaviour change tools more accessible for your teams to develop evidence based solutions

C. Test & Refine Concepts.

We adopt a test-learn-adapt methodology to inform your behaviour change strategy

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We are a digital team based in Wellington, New Zealand. Our behviour change tools can be accessed globally.

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